How to Protect Your Home While You're Away

Posted by Tom Mellish, Executive Director, IRTA on Nov 6, 2018 7:04:00 AM

Many of you will be heading out for the holidays or going south or west as a snowbird during the cold weather months.

You should take a little precaution to protect your home during your absence. Here are a few tips to help deter burglars and make your home look occupied:

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Is it a Scam? How to Identify and Avoid Scams That Target Seniors

Posted by Tom Mellish, Executive Director, IRTA on Dec 14, 2017 9:51:58 AM

 Millions of older Americans have been the victims of scams. Scams against seniors have become so prevalent, the FBI dubbed them “the crime of the 21st century” and created a website devoted to preventing and reporting this kind of fraud.

Scammers can be very tricky, posing as creditors, tech support workers, insurance agents, and even loved ones. In fact, The National Council on Aging cautions seniors that many scams are perpetrated by a person’s own family, contributing to a figure of 90 percent of all elder abuse committed by adult children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and other family members .

Let’s take a closer look at how to identify scams and avoid becoming a victim.

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Summer Health Tips for Seniors

Posted by Tom Mellish, Executive Director, IRTA on May 26, 2016 1:17:20 PM

Summertime is a favorite season for older adults who spent plenty of time indoors during the cold winter months.

While summer is a great time for outdoor fun with family and friends, the heat and sun can be dangerous if precautions aren't taken.

If you are a senior (or a caregiver), here are some tips for a fun, safe summer.

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