Indiana EdCast Ep. #41 — Coach Sparkle on Classroom Looping

Posted by Tom Mellish, Executive Director, IRTA on Oct 30, 2018 10:00:00 AM


Welcome to Indiana EdCast, with Tom Mellish, Executive Director for IRTA, the Association that advocates for all Indiana retired educators.  We are joined once again by Coach Sparkle, aka Ashley Kendricks, an instructional coach for Pleasant Hill Elementary in the North Montgomery Schools.

Today our focus is classroom looping in the upper elementary.

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Welcome Coach Sparkle, we are excited to have you back today. You brought along a guest today that is experiencing her first year of looping with the same class. She is Emily Youngdale, a fifth grade teacher at Sugar Creek Elementary School. We are excited to hear your thoughts and findings as you are in your first few months of looping with this group of students.

  • How did this decision come about? Reasons?
  • Did students/parents have the chance to opt out?
  • Did you have the choice on any students you didn’t believe would benefit from looping?
  • Research supporting?


  • Relationships
  • In tune to student needs
  • Student attendance in grades 2 through 8 increased from 92 percent average daily attendance to 97 percent;
  • Retention rates decreased by more than 43 percent in those same grades;
  • Discipline and suspensions, especially at the middle schools, declined significantly;
  • Special education referrals decreased by more than 55 percent; and
  • Staff attendance improved markedly from an average of seven days absent per staff member per year to fewer than three.

Any negatives?

  • Possible negative relationships
  • Less exposure to different teaching methods
  • Less comfortable/adaptable to change

How did your preparation for this year change?

Thought for the Day – People are like rubber bands, they need to be stretched to be effective.

To our listeners, let us know if there are topics or subjects you would like us to address and discuss, please let us know. You can email me at

Thank you for listening to Indiana Edcast from Tom Mellish of IRTA, Ashley Kendricks and Emily Youngdale from North Montgomery CSC., until then stay healthy, be active.


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